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About us

Nowtilus is a “Digital Content Company”. Since 2002 we have personally been active in the Content Business. We have started with movie production (2002-2007), evolved into digital End-to-End distribution (2007-2013) and turned into a specialised supply-chain-management-company for digital content and video-ad delivery (since 2014). While our business and revenues in Nowtilus are focused around operational services for video platform - by using 3rd party components - we also recognized gaps in the industries supply chains of digital content. Since then we're developing our own technology as a service delivery platform, named NEMO BRiDGE™, to simplify processing, syndication, delivery and monetization of digital video content especially for Over-the-Top scenarios.


Key Facts

Brief review of our 8 years in VOD Business

  • 2007 - Nowtilus has been founded with facilities in Berlin and Halle (Saale)
  • Focused on white-label Video-on-Demand platform for Retailer and Operator
  • 2011 - Sonic Solutions / Rovi Corp. acquired Nowtilus
  • 2014 - Management-Buy-Out with private equity partner
  • 2014 and 2015 - Business re-positioning to operate a new state-of-the-art Content Operations Center (COC) to provide Live and Video-on-Demand content services with the hybrid cloud-based Content Service and Delivery Platform Solution NEMO BRiDGE™
  • General Managers are Patrick Knippel and Leander Carell
  • 20 Full-Time Employees + a network of developers and freelancers is actively bounded
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Patrick Knippel

Co-Founder & Managing Director Finance & Sales

After earning his Master of Science degree from Technical University Berlin, Patrick worked as senior auditor at KPMG Germany, covering the media industry. In 2002, he graduated from Steinbeis University with a Master of Business Administration in Media Management following studies in Berlin, New York and Milan. Over the course of the last few years, Patrick produced and co-produced 15 feature films with his company SCHMIDTz KATZE FILMKOLLEKTIV and its affiliates along with the Oscar®-nominated IN DARKNESS (Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film 2012). In 2007 he co-founded and developed the online delivery company NOWTILUS, which was sold to ROVI Corp. (US) in 2011. Patrick run NOWTILUS within ROVI until 2014 when the founder team jointly with Dr. Christian Pirkner managed an MBO and turned NOWTILUS in the hands of the Management again. Since then he refocused the business of NOWTILUS with the objective to establish the leading Content Workflow Management and Syndication Platform and Service Company for Live TV, Catchup and VoD.



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Leander Carell

Co-Founder & Managing Director Product & Marketing

Leander Carell is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Nowtilus GmbH, technology and content service provider for TV Everywhere and Video-on-Demand. Since 2007 he is responsible for product- and platform development and is in charge for international clients such as Microsoft, Media Markt, Saturn, Warner Bros. and Telefonica. When Nowtilus became part of Rovi Corp. Leander was responsible Director of Technology for OTT Video Delivery. In 2014 he managed a company buyout jointly with his his partner Patrick Knippel and Dr. Christian Pirkner. From 2002-2012 Leander was a movie producer of Schmidtz Katze Filmkollektiv. He produced and co-produced 15 feature films with his company SCHMIDTz KATZE FILMKOLLEKTIV and its affiliates along with the Oscar®-nominated IN DARKNESS (Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film 2012). Leander studied Production Management at the BAF in Munich and International Production at EAVE. Previously, he trained as a merchant for audio-visual media at the public broadcaster MDR/ARD.


Our Teams are engaged with...

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Workflow and Technolgy Development

We envision the coming needs of the video entertainment industry and build a solution to enable tomorrow's business.

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Product Management

Growing requirements and demand challenges our solution and we aim to make it even more efficient and simple for our customers.

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Service Operations

Our workflow solution is in heavy use, managed for multiple customers by our Content Operations Team.