NEMO BRIDGE® Video Workflows & Orchestration from the cloud

Integrated workflow solution for Live and VoD with Cloud Media Services and Adaptive Media Delivery

NEMO BRIDGE® is a high-scalable Content Workflow & Service Delivery Platform for preparation, syndication and distribution of LIVE-LINEAR channels, VIDEO-ON-DEMAND content and related EPG and Metadata. Monetization is supported by Dynamic Ad-Insertion. The platform is integrated with 3rd Party Video Technologies such as IRDs, Encoders and Packagers as well as Cloud-Media-Services and Adaptive Media Delivery to provide an end-to-end media workflow for IP-based OTT delivery in broadcast-like quality.

Content Workflows
Nemo Bridge Partners

NEMO BRIDGE® is integrated with Akamai and Microsoft Azure - Media Services for Live and On-Demand to provide media workflows and OTT delivery in broadcast-like quality from the cloud. NEMO BRIDGE® comes also with pre-integrated API connectors to various broadcast technologies and video products such as IRD, encoder and packager. It helps you to create and operate workflows across single vendor products without the need managing each solution seperatly. Besides we make sure that storage, computing power and delivery can scale automatically on demand and are highly available across the globe.

Depending on customers demand the platform solution is provided as Managed Service or a self-managed SaaS deployment. It’s used for the following business fields with various features and capabilities to deliver desired outcomes into customers OVP / Video CMS or directly to applications.

Nemo Business Fields
  • Acquisition and Processing

    Configure workflows from signal acquisition, encoding, packaging, DRM encryption to CDN ingest to launch live linear TV channels within minutes.

    Virtual TV-Headend

    Virtual TV-Headend
  • Blackout & Replacement

    Blackout & Replacement

    Channel Management

    Administrate technical metadata of channel streams, assign related EPG data and line-up bouquets for dedicated subscription bundles. Besides Blackout and Program Replacement can be scheduled.

  • Catchup and Replay TV

    Establish a rolling buffer to start-over a program directly from the stream or create sharp-start Live-to-VoD assets and discover Ad-Marker for Dynamic Ad-Insertion.

    Live-to-VoD Clipping

    Live-to-VoD Clipping
  • Dynamic Ad-Insertion

    Dynamic Ad-Insertion

    Ad-Signaling and Replacement

    Interface with telemetry from broadcast automation, recognize and manage ad-pods and connect with ad-servers to enable server-side ad-insertion for targeted, ad-blocker circumvented delivery.

  • Media Asset Management

    Import descriptive metadata and artwork from various provider-sources via API or manually and create VoD titles, catalogues and collections.

    Create Titles and Catalogues

    Create Titles and Catalogues
  • Cloud-Storage



    Ingest video source-files, multi-audio tracks and closed captions from different watch-folders in cloud-storages or from local NAS systems and assign job profiles, storage locations and priorities.

  • Cloud Encoding and Packaging

    Process multi-bitrate encoding and packaging into HLS, DASH and CMAF with Cloud- Media Services On-Demand and monitor each single task. DRM encryption and Quality Control can be implemented optional.

    Media Services On-Demand

    Media Services On-Demand
  • Publish and Delivery

    Connect with the API Gateway to access video packages, license- and metadata as well as artwork, in various industry standards, and import into any Video-CMS or directly to client applications.

  • Visual Workflow Design

    BRIDGE BUILDER is a visual orchestration and automation tool within NEMO BRIDGE® to simply design live-linear and file-based workflows in a guided way and to monitor the processing.

    Visual Workflow Design