NEMO BRIDGE® Video Dynamic Ad-Insertion

Dynamic Ad-Insertion in Live-Streaming and Video-on-Demand Programs

Nowtilus provides capabilities to dynamically insert and replace video-advertisement in VoD catchup content and live-linear streams. NEMO BRIDGE® platform supports server-side ad-insertion and orchestrates tools and services within a DAI media pipeline.

DAI Variants

Workflow Features for Ad-Insertion

DAI flow
DAI flow
  • Integration with Broadcast Automation to ingest Telemetry
  • Real-Time Notification of Ad-Placements
  • Quality Assurance of Ad-Sources
  • Conditioning to Streaming Specs (HbbTV, DASH, HLS)
  • POIS to enable DAI slots
  • Automated Ad-Recognition and Signaling via ESAM
  • SCTE35 Recognition (if inband)
  • frame-accurate SCTE35 insertion into Live Stream
  • Integration with Ad-Decision/Network
  • VAST 4.0 Support (Ad-IDs, Source Access)
  • Server-side Ad-Stitching with scale via manifest caching
  • API based automation

Principles of server-side ad-insertion

Based on a manifest rewrite our ad-stitcher replaces segments which contains original content with segments from video-ads and creates a linear single stream.

DAI technology