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Content Services

Nowtilus provides intelligent processing and delivery of linear TV channels, catchup programs, premium video-on-demand as well as related EPG and metadata into 3rd party online video platforms. On top we condition catchup programs with ad-markers and trigger insertion of video-advertisement.

Our API based services offer a unified access to these content- and data-types and are easy to integrate into exisitng CMS and platforms to launch new offerings quickly and without investment into own infrastructure.

We focus to serve Broadcaster & Networks, Service Operator, Retailer and their related Online Video Platforms to make the full TV and Video spectrum simply accessible. Nowtilus acts as the partner to build and operate such a highly scalable and robust delivery platform with a broad range of service features. With NEMO BRiDGE™ we have the solution developed to manage and virtualize TV Head-ends and to control complex workflows from many sources to many platforms. 

Challenges & Solutions

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For Broadcaster & Networks

Broadcaster & Networks want to control the OTT distribution of their own valuable linear channels and VoD program assets to their platform partners and licensors. We help to manage the syndication in an automated manner in all required formats supporting XML standards such as Media RSS, Cablelabs ADI and Movielabs. Besides we enrich C3 and D4 catchup content with ad-markers for server-based ad-insertion.  


For Service Operator

Operator want to extend their TV and Video services to multi-screens and connected devices to maintain and grow their subscriber base. We help to manage the processing and secure delivery of channel-streams and VoD products in compatible transport-formats across redundant origins and multi CDN to provide a great user experience.


For Retailer

Retailer want to shift their physical DVD and Blu-ray business to digital Premium VoD buisness. But it's not just enough to setup  a stand-alone VoD Shop, more important their on-site product & marketing activities must be connected with digitial sales to leverage their existing market presence. In a first phase we help to manage: the content preperation of the premium title catalogue up to 4K UHD, Metadata conditioning, Artwork and Trailering as well as Pricing & Avails Management. In a second phase we manage the matching of digital VoD products with retailers physical repository in their PIM systems and establish a stable operation.



  • Live Streaming of TV channels not limited to a certain territory in different qualities and for multi-screen playback
  • Pay TV in same standards as Free TV channels but with optional DRM encryption on Backend- and decryption on Player-side (support with Secure Player SDK)
  • nDVR to record and store programs and serial shows
  • Replay TV (variant of Catch-up) to see programs from the past 7 days without prior recording (access limitations will occur due to legal restrictions depending on territory)
  • Timeshift to pause a current live stream up to 2 hours and continue. Integrated start-over function allows to skip back (rewind) in junks (e.g. 2 min steps) or start from the beginning of a show.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is a visual guide of the TV program. EPG shows the current, following (up to 14 days) and past (7 days) programs. Besides it allows to use Replay TV and to program and playback Cloud DVR recordings.



  • Access to Nowtilus Content Hub with prepackaged VoD products ready for delivery
  • Encoding, Packaging and DRM Encryption within our standard specs or customized based on partner requirements
  • Artwork and Trailer preperation
  • Metadata delivery in standard XML format (e.g. cablelabs ADI, Movielabs)
  • Pricing and Avails based on licensing contract between content licensor and partner


Dynamic Ad-Insertion

  • Server-side insertion of video-advertisement in Live and Catch-up programs
  • Based on EU and US technology standards such as DVB, HbbTV, MPEG DASH, SCTE 130
  • Placement Opportunity and Ad-Management for Ad-Decision integration in real-time 
  • Creation of Catch-up Superset
  • Insertion of video-ads in pre-determined VOD assets and pre-recorded network DVR content